Organize virtual team meetings for cracking problems and creating solutions

In a brilliant way.

  1. You do the smartReading training.
  2. Then you can read three books focused on the solution with the smart method, about 2½ hours per book. The book’s content is about the current (problem) framework and the solution for now and the future.
  3. Under supervision, you will have book discussions about the content as a team in the virtual classroom and transform the problem into a solution.

solve problems and create solutions!

How do you break down the problems with your team in a relatively quick and easy way to find the right solutions? How do others think about the issue, and how do you reach the solution together? When you use the bundled knowledge effectively, the problem transforms into a solution by asking the right questions and listening in-depth.

Connect as a team in the virtual classroom.

Like-minded people talk about taking the next step, strategy, and letting go of the problem. With knowledge of the latest developments from books used at business schools, you will gain joint insight into the solutions.

Old knowledge does not help you solve the problems; joint new knowledge does!

How to break problems and how to solve them with others!

Here comes the smart method

Like your team members, you will first learn SmartReading, as this gives you a kickstart to read books in a few hours and know them in detail. The smart method gives you direction and allows you to organize and achieve your goals. See the training process.

The group shares this knowledge in a virtual classroom. Efficiently discussing each other’s problems using your existing knowledge and new knowledge from the books gives a big boost to finding solutions. In the virtual classroom, you work under the guidance of the trainer, Paul van der Velde.

Paul has a lot of experience in guiding processes in organizations. He knows how to ask great questions and let go when the team process does its work. Paul is an internationally certified trainer in NLP, studied the science of Wisdom, part of the philosophy known as “The Science of Mind,” attended the Action Learning foundation, and much more. Paul now has over 25 years of business experience.

One of his motto is: “Mastership has always remained a student”.
Paul knows like no other how to connect the old with the new.

Form your team and bring yourself to excellence. My recommendation is to form at least a group of four.
The smart method has proven itself since 1992. You read and remember a 250-page book in 2 to 3 hours!

  • Focus – Participants from your team or flexible teams
  • Focus on problems! – cracking issues quickly and efficiently
  • Focus on solutions! – Reaching solutions very efficiently through shared knowledge and experiences
  • Personal growth – Expands knowledge and experience in a creative and effective way
  • Future and profitable for the organization – The organization is more agile and profitable

You get the value of an MBA for a fraction of the money.

What is the timeframe, and how is the process going

Timeline smartReading online & classroom sessions

1. There are 20 movies.

2. For each movie, an explanation is given of what to do and especially how.

3. In between, you will find animations for extra clarification.

4. Follow at your own pace and preferably complete in 3 weeks.
Total number of hours 16

5. Read three books—2½ hours per book.


The online class sessions take place by zoom.

First classroom session – Introduction

  • Introduction in an online classroom. The duration of this introduction is a maximum of half an hour. In this session, we agree on the time for the second online class session and how to log in to the learning platform.
  • Follow the first eight films and complete the assignments within four days after logging in to the learning platform.

Second classroom session – explanation and question & answer

  • Then the second online class session takes place. This online class also lasts about half an hour. In this session, you receive an additional explanation for the follow-up, and there is room for questions. We agree on a time.
  • Follow the rest of the online training and complete the assignments. While following the online training, you read one book with the smart method.

Third classroom session – exchange experiences and question & answer

  • Then the third online class session will take place to exchange experiences and ask questions. The trainer provides additional tips and techniques when desired. This online class lasts approximately one hour.
  • After following the full program, you read two additional books with the smart method. Reading time per book is 2½ hours.

Fourth classroom session – book reviews question & answer

  • Then the essential fourth online class session takes place in which the book discussions take place. This book review with the mind maps is vital for the experience that it is possible to read a book with the smart method in about 2½ hours and discuss in detail. We need each other for this because it is not possible to give a book discussion with yourself.


After you integrate the smart method, two more sessions will take place. In the last two sessions, the team discusses the problem issues and solutions.

SmartReading online & virtual classroom is experienced as very pleasant because:

  • You follow the training at your location, and you do not have to leave the house.
  • The online training lasts 16 hours, and online class sessions take place
  • You can read a book or equivalent in 2 to 3 hours with increased understanding.
  • Attention is paid to the internal dialogue, wandering while reading, jumping back, and sometimes not knowing what has been read.
  • Attention to annoying reading beliefs from the past
  • Attention to also read from digital devices
  • Time savings due to the efficient approach and cost savings
  • During the online process, the trainer has access to the answers sent.

There can always be personal contact with the trainer for questions and comments through email, zoom, and teams.

Sublime skill for business!

Directors, Management teams, Managers, Project leaders, Scrum Masters, and other professionals.

The demand-driven smart method works on the future of a fit organization. You are in control because the objectives are clear.


  1. Knowing how to make the growth of the organization less dependent
  2. Exploring and applying unique leadership approaches for different scenarios
  3. Create psychological safety and encourage a variety
  4. Creating an open learning culture where creativity and collaboration go hand in hand
  5. Integration of the smart method for other future-oriented solutions.

Build your future with the smart method


  • Investment – Ask for a quote

  • Number of participants – Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants
  • Duration – The duration of the training is in consultation. Lead time approximately 5 weeks
  • Times – We agree on the times of the virtual classroom sessions
  • Before – After the first virtual classroom session, you will do two exercises online. This section takes ± 2 hours.

Receive an offer without obligation. We are happy to discuss the wishes for a clear and transparent proposal.

Receive a proposal without obligation.

We are happy to discuss your wishes if you like by phone for a clear and transparent proposal.


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