I have to study a lot. Can I use SmartReading?


SmartReading is very convenient and comes in handy when you are studying. It enhances your comprehension and you will be able to remember more of the studied material. In addition, it increases your concentration significantly. Your study will take less effort and you will save a lot of time.

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What is the difference between Speed-reading and SmartReading?


A lot of people ask us what the difference is between SmartReading and speed-reading. The difference is crucial, as you will see from the explanation below. Speed-reading - faster "talking" When you read normally, you pronounce or voice the words you read in your mind. In the case of speed-reading, you simply have to talk faster. Thus, you force your brain to hear the words faster. At the same time you also want to understand, analyse and remember the intentions of the author, and in order to do so, you jump back and forth in the book to check your accuracy. [...]

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Does SmartReading Really Work?


The answer to the question ‘Does SmartReading Really Work?’ is YES! Why? Because you learn to read visually, it will minimize you reading to yourself silently, (out loud in your head), which in turn will allow you to read faster. You will learn techniques that will force your left and right brain hemispheres to work together. With the cooperation of your left and right brain hemispheres together, your concentration will increase, as will your ability to absorb content. For detailed information, watch the trailers in which students comment on SmartReading. Many previous participants will tell you that it has been a [...]

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I still find it unbelievable. Do you have a “Not Satisfied Money Back” guarantee?


Yes. We have a “Not Satisfied, Money Back” guarantee for you. If you are not convinced of our methodology after the first day of the three-day training, we will reimburse your registration fee minus 10%. However, from our own experience, we know that SmartReading offers a solution; also for you. Please watch the videos and listen to what other participants have to say about SmartReading. They were also sceptical before doing the training. After watching the videos, perhaps you will believe it too.

I still find it unbelievable. Do you have a “Not Satisfied Money Back” guarantee?2020-03-27T21:21:26+00:00

Does SmartReading really work for people?


YES! As a joke I sometimes say: “No, of course not. That is why thousands of people are already enjoying SmartReading with excellent results and we have already been in existence since 1991!” The University of Nijmegen conducted a scientific research about SmartReading with positive results. Carl Verheijen, World Champion ice-skater 10km (December 4th 2005) attached his name to SmartReading, as did other directors and managers of well-known companies such as IKEA, RABO Bank etc. The SmartReading Training is given at the start of several studies, including MBAs. Why? Because they know how SmartReading works. They keep asking us back because [...]

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Are comments available from former students who took the SmartReading Training and Smart read now?


See also the video reviews. Marloes Groenen at Business School Netherlands. An investment of three days and a tool for lifetime. The training was a great gift, you learn 'smart-Readen', from and with each other with an enthusiastic and experienced trainer. I am very glad I followed this training!! Dion van der Sterren at Business School Netherlands. Inspiring and engaging training. My reading speed and comprehension increased amazingly. I never thought I could do this. The skills I have learned can be applied in other areas as well. The training gave me so much pleasure in reading books and I devour [...]

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