As a joke I sometimes say: “No, of course not. That is why thousands of people are already enjoying SmartReading with excellent results and we have already been in existence since 1991!”

  • The University of Nijmegen conducted a scientific research about SmartReading with positive results.
  • Carl Verheijen, World Champion ice-skater 10km (December 4th 2005) attached his name to SmartReading, as did other directors and managers of well-known companies such as IKEA, RABO Bank etc.
  • The SmartReading Training is given at the start of several studies, including MBAs. Why? Because they know how SmartReading works. They keep asking us back because the benefit from SmartReading is a relief for people who study alongside their busy daytime jobs.
  • We give SmartRading in Suriname, Curacao, Belgium, South Africa.

SmartReading goes much further than many other speed-reading courses. SmartReading is a unique experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. How do I know?
Regularly we have students who have done a form of ‘Speed-reading’ in the past. They tell us: “Well hey, this is really something else.”

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