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SmartTyping – The Innovative Way to Learn Touch-Typing!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

  • Can you not find the motivation or discipline to do an online typing course?
  • Do you need to type a lot of letters, documents and such?
  • Do you use a computer a lot at school?
  • Do you want to avoid the unpleasant consequences of RSI?
  • Do you suffer from dyslexia?

SmartTyping Is the Solution for Young People and Adults.
No room for motivational issues thanks to the online training.

Are you demotivated because doing an online typing course is an annoyance rather than a joy? No worries, in 4 hours’ time, you will be able to find all the keys on the keyboard, blindly! After that it will be great fun to find that your speed and accuracy increase steadily. Thanks to the 4-hour brain-friendly training, which taught you to blindly find the keys, online practicing will become enjoyable.

The World Upside Down

SmartTyping is based on the power and efficiency of your brain. First, you learn the characters and their position on the keyboard and anchor them in your brain, then, your brain controls your motor skills. This is contrary to conventional (online) typing training, in which your motor skills are repeated for as long as it takes for your brain to recognize and store it. Learning in this way takes more time and gives little pleasure.

Our experience is that you learn faster when you have fun during the learning process. SmartTyping is definitely fun!
After the 4-hour training, you will have to practice with our online follow-up system for 3 weeks. By practicing 15 to 30 minutes every day your speed and accuracy is built up in a pleasant way. After 6 weeks, compared to your starting speed, you will, on average, have made a 20% increase.
After the training you will be granted an official SmartTyping certificate.

Are You Dyslectic?

People suffering from dyslexia find that they learn easier and quicker thanks to the brain-friendly SmartTyping method. Speech and language therapists, as well as remedial teachers, know from experience that people suffering from dyslexia benefit greatly from typing courses.
A SmartTypist does not have to keep looking at the keyboard to find the right key. The ‘automation’ you will acquire will seem like you are ‘reading with your fingers’. Almost like you are typing entire words instead of typing separate letters.

Prevent RSI

Do you type using two fingers? Then you are probably looking at the keyboard constantly. The switch of looking from the screen to the keyboard and back continuously, damages the muscles in your neck. The slow typing pace makes you stay on your computer longer and you do not take breaks because your work needs to be finished. Have you ever had cold hands when working on the computer? This happens because the circulation in your body slows down, which means the discharge of waste materials is slower. This creates an increased risk of RSI. SmartTyping will teach you to touch-type using 10 fingers without having to look at your keyboard. You will finish quicker and be able to rest more. In turn, the risk of RSI decreases significantly.

Also for the Young People

When your child is able to touch-type using all ten fingers, he or she will definitely get better results at school. Why? Because he or she can focus entirely on the assignment instead of having to focus on the keyboard, which is a significant advantage. Writing papers and book reviews will become fun. You will be amazed by your child’s performance while your child will have more time to do fun stuff because the paper will be finished in no time.
Are you a mum or dad? Do you want to learn how to touch-type ultrafast? As a parent you can join your child in the SmartTyping training.

Subscribe today and in six weeks’ time you will type faster than ever before!