The differences between how you currently read and SmartReading:

Reading: You “say / think” the words in your mind (like pronouncing the words in your mind).
SmartReading: You will read more and more visually. No more saying/thinking the words in your head.

Reading: You do not read faster than you speak.
SmartReading: You read from multiple lines up to whole paragraphs at a time.

Reading: Your reading average is now between 250 and 300 words per minute.
SmartReading: You read as least 1,500 words per minute.

Reading: Your mind wanders off and you think about other things, which makes you jump back and forth in the text wondering what you have read”.
SmartReading: Your mind has no time or need to wander off. You stay focused throughout the reading process.

Reading: Whilst reading, you make associations with the knowledge you already have. Whilst doing that, you do not know what you have read and you have to keep checking back.
SmartReading: Your brain automatically captures the content of the text, which enhances your text comprehension.

Reading: You are constantly checking whether you understand the text.
SmartReading: You largely understand what you have read using the SmartMethod.

Reading: You want to remember every detail you read, but you notice this is not possible.
SmartReading: The details are clear and you connect everything by Mind Mapping.

Reading: You notice that when you dig deeper into the document, it gets more difficult to understand.
SmartReading: You find your comprehension of the text increasing.

Reading: You notice difficulties in remembering what you have read.
SmartReading: You become more confident in how your brain functions and you will remember more and more.

Reading: You notice your short-term memory gets ‘full’ rather quickly while you read.
SmartReading: You read with full brain potential, which increases your capacity to absorb.

Reading: Your comprehension is 50% on average (this percentage has been the same for many years).
SmartReading: Your understanding increases to an average of 75%.

Reading: When reading, your concentration is moderate.
SmartReading: When reading your concentration is high.