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What is the difference between ‘normal’ reading and SmartReading?

The differences between how you currently read and SmartReading:

Reading: You “say / think” the words in your mind (like pronouncing the words in your mind).
SmartReading: You will read more and more visually. No more saying/thinking the words in your head.

Reading: You do not read faster than you speak.
SmartReading: You read from multiple lines up to whole paragraphs at a time.

Reading: Your reading average is now between 250 and 300 words per minute.
SmartReading: You read as least 1,500 words per minute.

Reading: Your mind wanders off and you think about other things, which makes you jump back and forth in the text wondering what you have read”.
SmartReading: Your mind has no time or need to wander off. You stay focused throughout the reading process.

Reading: Whilst reading, you make associations with the knowledge you already have. Whilst doing that, you do not know what you have read and you have to keep checking back.
SmartReading: Your brain automatically captures the content of the text, which enhances your text comprehension.

Reading: You are constantly checking whether you understand the text.
SmartReading: You largely understand what you have read using the SmartMethod.

Reading: You want to remember every detail you read, but you notice this is not possible.
SmartReading: The details are clear and you connect everything by Mind Mapping.

Reading: You notice that when you dig deeper into the document, it gets more difficult to understand.
SmartReading: You find your comprehension of the text increasing.

Reading: You notice difficulties in remembering what you have read.
SmartReading: You become more confident in how your brain functions and you will remember more and more.

Reading: You notice your short-term memory gets ‘full’ rather quickly while you read.
SmartReading: You read with full brain potential, which increases your capacity to absorb.

Reading: Your comprehension is 50% on average (this percentage has been the same for many years).
SmartReading: Your understanding increases to an average of 75%.

Reading: When reading, your concentration is moderate.
SmartReading: When reading your concentration is high.

Is it possible to learn the whole method in one day?

No, it is not possible to learn SmartReading in a single day.

The one-day SmartReading Training Course, which we offer will teach you how to read 2 to 4 times faster. After the one-day course you will need to continue with significant discipline. You will not have gained the experience of reproducing an entire book on a detailed level. You will, however, be able to do this after the three-day training.

When, where and how often will the training take place?

To find the answer to this question, check the dates and times in the open enrolment roster. For an In-Company Training Course we offer a tailor-made quote. Training Courses can be held at the company’s location.

Inform me about In-Company Training Courses

How much can I read for the SmartReading to stay effective?

This depends on your personal concentration span.

We know people who, in addition to their business information, read two or more books each week. You can still use a bookmark if you like because you do not have to finish your book in one go.

Is it possible to apply SmartReading to learn a new language?

SmartReading works in all languages.

One condition however, is that you already have an acceptable range of vocabulary of the language you are reading. You should have some knowledge of the language including basic grammar. If basic vocabulary is lacking, SmartReading does not work. If however, a basis is there, the learning of the new language is even faster, thanks to SmartReading.

I have the feeling that I read very slowly. Will that be measured during the training?

Yes, we measure that during the training.

At the start of the training course we carry out a baseline measurement reading test. This determines your speed and comprehension. The speed is measured in words per minute and the comprehension in percentages.

Do you also provide In-company Training Courses?

Yes, we also regularly provide In-company Training Courses.

It often happens that someone takes the SmartReading Course individually through open enrolment and then we are hired to provide the training for a number of groups in the company where he or she works.

I do not only want to go through the text diagonally. Will I really understand everything after taking the SmartReading course?

SmartReading lets you read everything down to the smallest detail.

Your conscious short-term memory is used for the comprehension of the information. SmartReading helps you become familiar with the part of your brain that recognizes and remembers. This is your long-term memory, which operates very reliably. When you decide to do the training, the difference between the two will become clear in an exercise.

SmartReading is unique and is not just a speed-reading training.

Will I understand everything I read when I take the SmartReading course?

Yes, you will read and understand everything.

You are certainly not going to learn to go through the texts diagonally.
Many speed-reading courses teach you to read headlines, skip parts, read diagonally, read faster by talking faster in your mind and so on.
Our patented method will train you to read more visually. You use your conscious short-term memory to understand what you read. Memorizing and reproducing information is carried out by a combination of your short and long-term memory. You will find that you gain more trust in your long-term memory thanks to SmartReading. You can depend on the fact that this combination works. You will find that you are able to remember the information in more detail. Your time management will improve, and that saves costs.

I’m studying. Which SmartReading training is best for me?

The blended training SmartReading is best when you are studying.

The blended training will ensure that you are entirely familiar with SmartReading and you will be brave enough to put it into practice on the third day. Studies often go into detail, with various connections, and insights.
When someone has taken a shorter version, it turns out that in the end, he or she is not (yet) confident enough. On the last day, you will experience that you indeed see details, connections and have more insight into the content of the study books.

We regularly come across participants who have previously taken a Speed-reading training elsewhere and have fallen back into their old reading habits. I would like to save you from that pitfall.

Does SmartReading work both in English as in another language?

Yes, SmartReading works in all languages.

Does SmartReading really work for people?


As a joke I sometimes say: “No, of course not. That is why thousands of people are already enjoying SmartReading with excellent results and we have already been in existence since 1991!”

  • The University of Nijmegen conducted a scientific research about SmartReading with positive results.
  • Carl Verheijen, World Champion ice-skater 10km (December 4th 2005) attached his name to SmartReading, as did other directors and managers of well-known companies such as IKEA, RABO Bank etc.
  • The SmartReading Training is given at the start of several studies, including MBAs. Why? Because they know how SmartReading works. They keep asking us back because the benefit from SmartReading is a relief for people who study alongside their busy daytime jobs.
  • We give SmartRading in Suriname, Curacao, Belgium, South Africa.

SmartReading goes much further than many other speed-reading courses. SmartReading is a unique experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. How do I know?
Regularly we have students who have done a form of ‘Speed-reading’ in the past. They tell us: “Well hey, this is really something else.”

Listen to other participants.

Does SmartReading Really Work?

The answer to the question ‘Does SmartReading Really Work?’ is YES! Why?

Because you learn to read visually, it will minimize you reading to yourself silently, (out loud in your head), which in turn will allow you to read faster.
You will learn techniques that will force your left and right brain hemispheres to work together. With the cooperation of your left and right brain hemispheres together, your concentration will increase, as will your ability to absorb content. For detailed information, watch the trailers in which students comment on SmartReading.

Many previous participants will tell you that it has been a revelation for them. It is difficult to tell you what you will experience exactly, but a sense of the experience can be found on this website under the menu title: ‘Experiences’.

We have a money back guarantee. The question could be: “What are you waiting for” or “What are your doubts?

Feel free to give me a call or skype me! It will be my pleasure to explain everything by phone or skype.

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How well do I memorize information?

Information is stored in your long-term memory.

The SmartReading method enables you to retain information much longer than when you read in the conventional (normal) way.