SmartReading in general

SmartReading: Read One Book Per Hour!

SmartReading is a proven advanced study method and quick reading method, which has been in existence since 1991 along with its own European patent. Today, thousands of people use SmartReading as their preferred reading method, and it is being taught to teachers, managers, students and children aged 11 and over.

What they have in common is the same type of brain, plus the fact that they all want to make the most of life.

By spending less time on the same amount of reading material, SmartReading helps students to ease their workload and it facilitates corporate life by reducing expenses. Using your brain in a different way helps you read ‘faster than fast’ while at the same time making it easier to remember what you have just read. This training will teach you how to enhance your reading efficiency, allowing you to save enormous amounts of time assimilating and processing written and digital information. So, this training is for you; and about how you will make huge improvements in your work and the way you process information.

The benefits of SmartReading!

  1. Fully adapted to your learning style
  2. Discover new possibilities in education and employment
  3. Create a new personal reading and learning style
  4. Learn Analytical Reading
  5. Visual reading improves your memory

Due to many years of experience, SmartReading has developed into a unique speed-reading method and personal development not to be found anywhere else.

A big step forward!

SmartReading has a unique approach to training and is patented in the European Union. Since 1991, we have been providing brain-friendly training that delivers immediate results to you, the student. In the meantime, hundreds of managers have gone for SmartReading to improve their capabilities. No other training can provide the value that SmartReading offers you by increasing your creativity, your ability to learn, memory and the application of what you’ve learned. Read 250 pages in one to two hours and know more!

Why it’s so important to be utterly relaxed while reading.

SmartReading teaches Silent Mind techniques, which go beyond just telling you that you need to be relaxed.
The Smart method will teach you advanced relaxation techniques, which will break through the vicious circle of tension and negative ‘loops and beliefs’ in the way you think.

Traditional speed-reading courses rely too much on repetition and ignore the knowledge, which we now have of our ‘whole-brain’. When using the full range of possibilities of accelerated learning techniques, your brain’s efficiency increases by approximately 30%. This however, cannot be achieved in one single day.

Brainwaves during the SmartReading training

Reading in a more relaxed state ensures and enhances the cooperation of both brain hemispheres. Relaxation techniques are an integral part of the SmartReading course. Due to these techniques, you will learn to SmartRead very fast and when you do, you will remember more details, which in turn is very beneficial for your confidence.

Alpha waves

Alpha waves (8-12 Hz.) occur when you are in a relaxed state. When you are in your Alpha state you are relaxed and alert. This is the state in which your visual ‘triggers’ are being processed. In this state your thinking abilities are optimal. Studies have shown that being in an Alpha state makes you calmer and more focussed. This in turn ensures that you are more able to give aimed attention. New information will be memorized better and you will be faster at recalling that information when you are in the Alpha state. Alpha waves are the best waves for study.

Beta waves

Beta waves (16-38 Hz.) are the waves that ensure your survival. When you are in a Beta state, your brain solves problems and reacts quickly to situations. You can measure Beta waves in your brain when you are in a state of anger, fear, aggression or when you want to escape (fight or flight mode). In beta you are tensed up and your memory will work less well.

Theta waves

Theta waves (4-8 Hz) are your “creative” waves. These waves can be seen when you fall asleep or just before you wake up. Sometimes you see clearly what has been done correctly or not. It is like a moment of insight. Many people have their best ideas in a Theta state because they feel relaxed. When you come home after a long drive on the road, for example, and you wonder if you stopped for that red traffic light, etc., then you would have been acting from the subconscious part of the brain, which is not available to the conscious part. Theta waves can also occur while you are staring into space or daydreaming.

Delta waves

Delta waves (0.5-4 Hz.) occur in babies’ brains and during deep sleep. The deeper you sleep the slower your brain waves are. In this state you will remember events from your early childhood.

Gamma waves

Gamma waves (38-80 Hz.) only start at 38 Hz. and go as far as 80 Hz. In the Gamma state you have an increased perceptive ability. In this state you are capable of solving problems with an incredibly high level of awareness.


  • Effective and goal oriented reading
  • Read 10 times faster
  • Concentration techniques
  • 30% more comprehension
  • Advanced memory techniques.

‘My experience with reading ‘normally’ and with SmartReading is that the experience itself differs in energy level. When I read normally I have to concentrate to absorb the words, to understand what the text says, to realize how I feel about it, how it benefits me, etc. Hence, reading is a very busy exercise for me. When I apply SmartReading I find that I no longer impede myself. Basically all I do is open myself up and capture the text, taking in the words directly so the ‘interfering person’ is no longer there. I find reading a far more peaceful and rewarding activity – a great improvement!’.

“Inspiring and fascinating training. My reading speed and comprehension are amazing increased. Never thought tat I could do that too. I can also apply the skills I have learned into other areas. I consume books as never before now because of the pleasure I found in reading.”
Dionne van der Sterre
“A beneficial investment for the rest of my life in only three days. A gift, no a big gift. You not only learn smart reading, you learn from each other with this enthusiastic and experienced trainer, very nice!”!
Marloes Groenen