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SmartReading online

Yes! Super fast reading is possible now online.

Learn the best techniques of smartReading at your own pace.

This may be a surprise to you, because like so many other people, you might be under the impression that by reading faster, you will actually understand less of the content. When you read a few chapters and put the book aside: do you have the feeling that the time you have invested in reading the book does not make up for what you get out of it? Perhaps you just struggle to find the time to read at all? Did it frustrate you that you failed to concentrate enough while reading the book due to all the distractions around you?

Not to worry. This SmartReading training offers you insights, techniques and exercises that will help you concentrate and read super fast. Super fast by reading paragraphs visually; your ‘internal dialogue’ will not distract you, your concentration level will be higher and you will learn not to jump back and forth in the texts over and over again. Because everything is assimilated visually, it is easier to make connections within the text and to remember what you need by using mind maps.

SmartReading has a very positive effect on dyslexia!

What will you learn?

Time efficiency

With this SmartReading training you will acquire new techniques that will greatly improve your reading efficiency, which makes for a huge time-saver and a better way to process different kinds of information.

Improves your memory

SmartReading will help you remember things naturally. During the training you will learn techniques that increase the use of your (long term and short term) memory by approximately 30%

Study efficiently

Studying becomes fun! With your visual reading center activated you read faster due to the reduction of your internal dialogue. This will increase concentration and you will remember more.

Goal orientated

Throughout the training, you will notice this approach is far more effective and suits the natural functioning of the brain much better. When you read, you read. When you analyze, that’s all you do and when you memorize things, your mind is fully focused on remembering things. Reading will become much more relaxed and like watching a movie for you.

SmartReading Advanced is a unique approach to operating at a higher level of learning and intelligence.

Kevin Holloway

Kevin Holloway

Sharon Govender

Sharon Govender

Allister Long

Allister Long

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What will you learn?

Reading in a visual way
Turbo reading
Greatly improve your reading efficiency
Better way to process different kinds of information
Making summaries using mindmaps
Remember things better and more naturally
Techniques to increase the use of your long term memory
Reduction of your internal dialogue
Increasing of your concentration
Reading in a midfull way


During the SmartReading Training, you will be encouraged to actively collect, process and remember knowledge in order to grow and excel in your performances. During the course, you will read your chosen informational (study)book of 250-pages in 2½ hours.

Time allocation

The online training lasts 16 hours in total which you can do at your own pace.

Part 1

Introduction of the trainers
Marietha and Paul

Part 2

Outline of the SmartReading process
The 9 steps
Lazy brain and Smart brain
your internal dialogue

Part 3

The best way to learn
Advanced strategy to read.

Part 4

How do you read now?
What is happening in your brain

Part 5

How fast do you read now
What is your comprehension

Part 6

What can you remember?
Why it is so difficult to remember what you read

Part 7

How many words do you read at the same time
Your tunnel vision
Eye fixation
Exploration to do it differently.

Part 8

Explanation of your reading centre
The impact of activating your reading centre

Part 9

How to activate your reading centre
Visual reading without being distracted

Part 10

How many words do you read now?
Do you still jump back?

Part 11

Scanning of your book
Unconsciously recording information.

Part 12

Turbo reading
Reading sentences at once

Part 13

Anchor of rest?
Mindful reading.

Part 14

Creating your reading goal
Visualisation of your reading goal
Establish targets
Transform beliefs and blockages.

Part 15

Your reading attitude
Which reading attitude is the best.

Part 16

How about concentration
Establishing the best way to concentrate.

Part 17

Creating a summary

Part 18

SmartReading Process Refined
All the steps in the right order.

Part 19

Final assignment
Reading three books with the smart method
Mindmap of your first book
Book review of your first book.

Part 20

Study tips
How to maintain your new skill.

Private Study

Your homework will be to read your own chosen informational (study)book during the online process.    

Elements of the course

Reading your first theme study book with a total focus
Activating your Reading Centre and read Visually
Reading from several lines to one paragraph at once
Dealing with graphs while turbo reading
Concentration & memory techniques
Making summaries & Mind mapping
Eliminating reading blockages
Redirecting beliefs while reading
Eliminating unnecessary reading strategies
Advanced memory techniques
Scanning books
Study tips

Duration of the course

The online training lasts 16 hours in total which you can do at your own pace.

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What do other people think about this training?

Dion van der Sterren

“Inspiring and fascinating training. My reading speed and comprehension are amazing increased. Never thought tat I could do that too. I can also apply the skills I have learned into other areas. I consume books as never before now because of the pleasure I found in reading.”

Marloes Groenen

“A beneficial investment for the rest of my life in only three days. A gift, no a big gift. You not only learn smart reading, you learn from each other with this enthusiastic and experienced trainer, very nice!”!


‘My experience with reading ‘normally’ and with SmartReading is that the experience itself differs in energy level. When I read normally I have to concentrate to absorb the words, to understand what the text says, to realize how I feel about it, how it benefits me, etc. Hence, reading is a very busy exercise for me. When I apply SmartReading I find that I no longer impede myself. Basically all I do is open myself up and capture the text, taking in the words directly so the ‘interfering person’ is no longer there. I find reading a far more peaceful and rewarding activity – a great improvement!’.

Place and dates

SmartReading online international $ 325,- / Per participant
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$ 225,-

What you get:

Rapid High Return Of Investment
Knowledge & skills mastered quickly
Confident practical application
Suitable for any kind of information
Exceptional focused approach
Cost saving compared to other trainings
Enrichment for each other thanks to team discussions
Special teambuilding
Profound analysis and establishing links and connections
Applicable for each individual learning style


SmartReading online


Wherever you are with access to the internet!

Number of participants

no limits


$ 225,-

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Duration and time

The online training lasts 16 hours in total which you can do at your own pace.

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