Reviews written

I highly recommend SmartReading. I have done other speedreading courses with very little success. In this course, I was able to read, summarise and mindmap a book (207 pages) in 90 minutes. Absolutely loved the experience. Thank you, Paul. Leisha Brooks
I took the SmartReading course together with my daughter. It has been very helpful in improving both of our reading and speed reading skills. It is amazing how much content you actually remember and are able to apply after speed reading. It is something every school should make part of their curriculum, it would make life easier and school more enjoyable for many kids. In fact, the whole course is an eye-opener. Although it is a reading course it helps you understand how your brain functions, which helps to create awareness and improve other areas/skills besides reading. The course has given my daughter more self-confidence in reading and interacting in a group. The extra bonus is that doing it with your child gives you a bonding experience and allows you to interact on a different level with each other. Which has been more than beneficial! Paul has been a great instructor his approach and patience make it very accessible and fun to do, even my daughter enjoyed doing the course on her free Saturdays. Olumide Somefun
My SmartReading experience was eye-opening. I learned from focusing on what Paul instructed us not to do, by simply accepting each step and hurdle for what it was. I will definitely share my positive experience with those willing to learn. Tamara Gerdzen
Dear Paul, After class yesterday – I went home and had to do an exercise for SmartTyping. When reading the text to type – I read with tremendous speed. WOW. I found SmartReading to be the most helpful skill to attain for my line of work. Thank you for bringing this to South Africa. The processes and progress of reading and analyzing a book in the time we did was Mind-blowing. Thank you. Margaret “Magz” Van Wijk
I honestly did not think that I would ever be able to read a 180-page book in 90 minutes. The workshop was an eye-opener and provided me with a much-needed skill. Here’s to reading many books! Ansie
I was honestly very skeptical before I did the SmartReading course. I didn’t think it would work. The course ended up proving me wrong and there’s been a drastic improvement in my reading speed. Very thankful to have done this course! Dani Roberts
SmartReading was an awesome experience. The techniques taught enabled me to get over bad habits and beliefs which were installed in me as a child. I am now more confident and excited about reading. Thabzle Tsale
SmartReading Training Feedback: It has been intensive and exhausting but equally rewarding to have attained the skill of speed reading. The most profound feeling of awareness comes at the moment when I realized it’s possible for everyone if it was possible for me. Thandeka Ntshangase
It is interesting to see how another form of reading works and to realize how our school system is flawed. Kelsey
I can focus a lot better and I read faster than what I usually do. It’s incredible how much my brain can actually hold. I did not realize that it held onto information with such ease. Darcy