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We offer a high quality online teaching with extra online classroom activities.



Learn SmartReading online at your own pace combined with online support with zoom or another solution. The result is that you read many times faster, experience increased concentration, and your memory will improve enormously. SmartReading has an excellent impact on dyslexia.



Through your studies more easily with techniques that will make you read more quickly and remember more. Studying is more enjoyable and creative. With Action Learning and the smart method you work together in a virtual class room with current issues from practice.


Video Reviews

We are cultivating an environment where young students come together and learn in an online environment. The video of participants says more than a thousand words. See and hear what others have to say about the smart method. It concerns participants from all over the world.


What is SmartReading

SmartReading is a proven advanced study- and quick reading method, which has been in existence since 1992. SmartReading helps you to ease your study, your workload, and it facilitates corporate life by reducing expenses. Read 250 pages in one to two hours and know more!

Join too already thousands of Students enjoying the smart method!

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