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SmartReading is very convenient and comes in handy when you are studying.

It enhances your comprehension and you will be able to remember more of the studied material. In addition, it increases your concentration significantly. Your study will take less effort and you will save a lot of time.

What is the difference between Speed-reading and SmartReading?2020-03-27T21:24:54+00:00

A lot of people ask us what the difference is between SmartReading and speed-reading.
The difference is crucial, as you will see from the explanation below.

Speed-reading – faster “talking”

When you read normally, you pronounce or voice the words you read in your mind. In the case of speed-reading, you simply have to talk faster. Thus, you force your brain to hear the words faster. At the same time you also want to understand, analyse and remember the intentions of the author, and in order to do so, you jump back and forth in the book to check your accuracy. Whenever you read something you recognize, you think it over once again. In the meantime your mind wanders off and your concentration is gone, even though you continue reading. The result is that you have to go back in the text to re-read it. You are actually asking your brain to do a lot of things at the same time and faster than it is used to. That makes speed-reading a very tiring concept and not very brain-friendly.

SmartReading – reading visually, more brain-friendly way

In SmartReading we substitute the ‘talking while reading’ with reading visually, which is a lot more agreeable and less tiring. When you read visually, you read more sentences at once, absorbing them instantly. Visual reading helps your right brain hemisphere to absorb large chunks of text. That particular part of the brain does not ‘voice’ words, but absorbs them visually. Shorter pieces of text are read by the left-brain hemisphere, which does use voicing as a way to process the words. SmartReading offers you the optimal mix between both sides of the brain.

SmartReading means doing just one thing at a time. Reading visually ensures perfect absorption of the text. Because you read sentences and paragraphs in one go, your ‘internal dialogue’ will not be distracting you. Loss of concentration is something that no longer occurs, leaving you with a perfectly focused and concentrated mind. Jumping back and forth in the text is hardly necessary anymore; you understand and think about the text only when you have absorbed all of it. Being able to make connections and analysing material will be significantly easier.

A student put it this way:
“For me, the difference between reading ‘normally’ and SmartReading is that the experience itself differs in energy level. When I read normally I have to concentrate to absorb the words, understand what the text says, realize how I feel about it, how it benefits me and so on. Therefore, reading is a very busy exercise for me. When I apply SmartReading I find that I no longer impede myself. Basically all I do is open myself up and capture the text, take in the words directly so the ‘interfering person’ is no longer necessary. I find reading a far more peaceful and rewarding activity – a great improvement!”

How does that work with a novel?
We do not stop a certain habit of reading. We teach you a new technique, a new strategy to use while reading different kinds of material, so you can choose the best way to read. A novel, for example, you read slowly to enjoy the prose of the story but for study or work material you read using the Smart-method in order to extract relevant information.

How well do I memorize information?2020-03-27T21:23:52+00:00

Information is stored in your long-term memory.

The SmartReading method enables you to retain information much longer than when you read in the conventional (normal) way.

Does SmartReading Really Work?2020-03-27T21:22:42+00:00

The answer to the question ‘Does SmartReading Really Work?’ is YES! Why?

Because you learn to read visually, it will minimize you reading to yourself silently, (out loud in your head), which in turn will allow you to read faster.
You will learn techniques that will force your left and right brain hemispheres to work together. With the cooperation of your left and right brain hemispheres together, your concentration will increase, as will your ability to absorb content. For detailed information, watch the trailers in which students comment on SmartReading.

Many previous participants will tell you that it has been a revelation for them. It is difficult to tell you what you will experience exactly, but a sense of the experience can be found on this website under the menu title: ‘Experiences’.

We have a money back guarantee. The question could be: “What are you waiting for” or “What are your doubts?”

Feel free to give me a call or skype me! It will be my pleasure to explain everything by phone or skype.

Skype: paulvandervelde

I still find it unbelievable. Do you have a “Not Satisfied Money Back” guarantee?2020-03-27T21:21:26+00:00

Yes. We have a “Not Satisfied, Money Back” guarantee for you.

If you are not convinced of our methodology after the first day of the three-day training, we will reimburse your registration fee minus 10%. However, from our own experience, we know that SmartReading offers a solution; also for you.
Please watch the videos and listen to what other participants have to say about SmartReading. They were also sceptical before doing the training. After watching the videos, perhaps you will believe it too.

Does SmartReading really work for people?2020-03-27T21:20:32+00:00


As a joke I sometimes say: “No, of course not. That is why thousands of people are already enjoying SmartReading with excellent results and we have already been in existence since 1991!”

  • The University of Nijmegen conducted a scientific research about SmartReading with positive results.
  • Carl Verheijen, World Champion ice-skater 10km (December 4th 2005) attached his name to SmartReading, as did other directors and managers of well-known companies such as IKEA, RABO Bank etc.
  • The SmartReading Training is given at the start of several studies, including MBAs. Why? Because they know how SmartReading works. They keep asking us back because the benefit from SmartReading is a relief for people who study alongside their busy daytime jobs.
  • We give SmartRading in Suriname, Curacao, Belgium, South Africa.

SmartReading goes much further than many other speed-reading courses. SmartReading is a unique experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. How do I know?
Regularly we have students who have done a form of ‘Speed-reading’ in the past. They tell us: “Well hey, this is really something else.”

Listen to other participants.

Do you have references?2020-03-27T21:19:24+00:00

Yes, please see our references here.

Are comments available from former students who took the SmartReading Training and Smart read now?2020-03-27T21:18:18+00:00

See also the video reviews.

Marloes Groenen at Business School Netherlands.
An investment of three days and a tool for lifetime. The training was a great gift, you learn ‘smart-Readen’, from and with each other with an enthusiastic and experienced trainer. I am very glad I followed this training!!

Dion van der Sterren at Business School Netherlands.
Inspiring and engaging training. My reading speed and comprehension increased amazingly. I never thought I could do this. The skills I have learned can be applied in other areas as well. The training gave me so much pleasure in reading books and I devour books like never before!

Carl Verheijen at GZC De Nije Veste
Dear Paul, thank you for sharing the knowhow of gathering information more effectively. Previously, I ‘never had time’ to study, but now I do! I understand what I would have missed if I had not taken this training. I will definitely recommend your training and I will certainly come back with my kids when they are old enough to Smart read! Thank you.

Jan van Klaveren at Rabo Bank.
Paul, thank you for this revelation. The previous one-day session didn’t work for me, but this course definitely did! It has lifted my spirits and has given me more energy. I really learned a lot of new methods and I got to know myself better. I will definitely recommend this training to colleagues and friends, in fact I already have! Thanks for your inspiring lessons, which are all FFI. (Fascinating, Fun and Interesting).

Daniel Schotborg, General practitioner
The SmartReading course has been above my expectation. It was not only the SmartReading part that I have learned but also insight in my own thinking and functioning. The confrontation with your own barriers and to be able to let go I experienced that as a paradigm change. I’m sure I will read smart and it will definitely contribute to my productivity.


I highly recommend you do the SmartReading Course because it gave me a brand-new view on reading.

I advise you to use ‘SmartReading because, in quite a simple way, it helps you to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself whilst reading a book. My concentration has increased and key words come to me easily.

A whole world (of information) opened up for me! I’m sure it’s going to bring me a lot. At the beginning of the training I was sceptical and it all sounded too good to be true. At the end of the first day however, I already noticed a difference.

After reading three books using the SmartMethod, you notice that it really works! You remember more than you expect yourself to do, even small details. It’s a real must.

Children in elementary school should have this training.

The SmartReading Course was a unique experience. It certainly was not an ordinary training. Get rid of everything you know about reading and surrender. It is so convenient, that I am surprised not everybody has done this training already. Everybody needs to ‘SmartRead’ I reckon! It’s amazing!

I advise you to do SmartReading in order to save time and read a book in no time. Make an overview and understand everything. Normally it takes me 3 times as long.

Dear neighbour,
I recommend the “SmartReading” Course from Global Edutainment because it really works. I read at least 4 times faster than before.
Your neighbour.

The training was very clear; I thought it went at a very pleasant pace. Do the course!

Can I master SmartReading by reading a book or by following a course online?2020-03-27T21:16:48+00:00


We have managed to create a course you can attend online. It is wise though to ask your questions, if they arise, immediately. During the online training SmartReading, you will be guided through each phase step by step, so you will integrate all the techniques.
During the training you will be putting these techniques directly into practice and you will always experience immediate results.

I have dyslexia and Smartreading changed my life!2020-03-27T21:15:24+00:00
SmartReading has changed my life!
Thursday, 20th October, 2011, Groningen

I am Niek Lijkelema 23 years old and I am studying Social Work Services. I was honoured when asked to write my story about Smart Reading and what effect it has had on my dyslexia. In answer to this question, I first want to share my life experience with you so you can get a better picture of the effects of SmartReading.

I am a dyslectic; this was diagnosed in grade 4 of primary school. When they found out, my mother followed a course and started a practice at home. I had a lot of trouble because of my dyslexia during secondary school.
After making the Cito test (this test indicates at which level you should do your studies) I was classified as being at the lowest level. My mother knew I could do better and fought for me to move up a scale (in the Netherlands it is called VMBO Theoretical) and the permission was granted. After the second year, my study became vocationally oriented. I failed my English exam but then passed it later after taking an oral exam. My dream was to be a car salesman so I started to follow a 4-year Sales Course. In the third year I did an internship for a car dealer and found out that it was not my thing at all. At that moment I decided to go into the healthcare sector. I worked my way up during my studies and had just started University when all the trouble started. I failed the first year because it was so difficult. After many letters to the Examination Committee I managed to re-do the exams with a Sprinto Stick, which is a software package that helps dyslectic people with writing. The school board allowed me to go on to the second year, but I had to redo the exams, which I hadn’t passed in the first year. The dean had also referred me to a psychologist where I had eight sessions. This helped me in some ways but soon I fell back into my old routine.

At a certain moment, I was checking movies online in the hope that I could find something that could help me with my studies. That’s when a movie about SmartReading came by. I see movies like that quite often, but this one stuck with me. I enrolled for the training and started the course with little expectation. I walked up to the trainer and told him that I am dyslectic, he told me that it would be a bit difficult for me and that I would be drained of energy by the end of the day. That is exactly what happened. I was exhausted by the end of the day. But, on my way home, the acquired skills already started to show with the first signpost I read: ‘Hillegom Exit’.

Day 2
Day two we learned to jump-read and to make mind maps. I really like mind mapping, it gives me more pleasure during my studies.

What was the effect of the SmartReading course on me?

This course gave me peace, structure and a goal orientated focus. It taught me not to just start something, but to first make an overview and to make ‘go-goals’. Before the training I wanted to read everything, every single word, all the lines, everything, the whole contents of a book. SmartReading is useful in the way that it creates a purpose for reading; it motivates and creates peace in your mind while reading. Mind mapping makes studying much more fun and it makes you remember more and better. Thanks to your ‘go-goal’ you read with a purpose, which makes you remember all the necessary information. I started to adopt the techniques while I was in class and while I was studying. Now, when I’m SmartReading, people can talk to me as much as they like, but I don’t hear them at all because I’m so focused. It gives me a fantastic feeling to be able to read and finish a book in an hour and a half and understand and remember everything!!

What is the effect of this course on dyslexia?
This is a difficult personal question to answer, mainly because of the fact that there are different types of dyslexia. Yet I am convinced that this course will help everybody with any type of dyslexia. A dyslectic person needs to work three times as hard as a person without dyslexia. But due to SmartReading they don’t have to work three times as hard anymore! They have more time to do nice things and have fun once in a while. Dyslectic people are easily distracted and have major concentration problems. With SmartReading you do not notice what is happening around you. This feeling alone gives me much pleasure, as well as a feeling of peace. I would definitely like to recommend this course to all dyslectic people. The investment gives you great value for money.

Does SmartReading work for me as a ten year old? The story of a 10 year old!2020-03-27T21:14:13+00:00
Submitted by e-mail: SmartReading & Dyslexia.
Bas’s story (10 years old):

Why we were motivated to follow the SmartReading training:

Our son, Bas, is a 10-year old fantastic little boy. He is in Group 6 of primary school and was diagnosed as having dyslexia. In group 2 the signs were already obvious, but he was too young to be tested. (I’m a trained paramedic and teacher. I was very alert in watching for signs of possible dyslexia due to the heritability from his father’s side).

In group 3 the reading process started off slowly.

In group 4, the school’s counselling service was called in. Bas’s reading abilities where at such a low level, that they started remedial teaching. After 20 weeks of RT by the school, Bas was diagnosed as being dyslectic.
Apart from the reading problems, Bas suffers from stuttering and anxiety. He also has a tendency to do everything very quickly, causing him to make many careless mistakes. All in all, Bas developed a strong aversion to reading. He was very late (around the age of 5) in developing his interest in reading (and thanks to his younger sister who loved to be read to out loud).

Up until the training, he did not read books, only the Donald Duck (a comic). In the course of time, he started reading the lines beneath the pictures little by little, instead of just looking at the pictures themselves. Bas had the most difficulty with the subjects he had to read the most for, like geography, history, biology, etc. On the other hand, he is very good at maths in which he scored high A’s from the start. He realizes that his development is different from that of his classmates and he often feels stupid. He works very quickly, so as not to always be the last to finish. This has its consequences. He is motivated to practice at home and understands the use of it. My sister informed me about the SmartReading Training. A colleague of hers and a psychologist, had her two dyslectic sons follow the training successfully.
My goal was to investigate whether SmartReading could be another reading/learning method for Bas, because I have seen too many adults who have suffered from the effects of dyslexia and I want to safeguard Bas from this.

How Bas experienced the training:

After the first day: firstly, it was such a long day for a very active boy, that I seriously wondered how much he would remember. However, during the course of the day, he became excited when he found out that he could suddenly read three sentences at a time. The next day Bas proved to me that he was able to explain in detail what SmartReading meant. During the intervening two weeks, he, with the normal level of resistance, read 3 books about gorillas using the SmartReading method. He even borrowed a storybook (Chameleon Junior) from the library for the first time ever.

During the 2nd day of the course he could make a pretty comprehensive mind map of the reading material. 2 days after the 2nd day of the course, he came down in the evening at 21.15 beaming: “his book was finished”. He had read 40 pages in a short time. “He did not know that reading could be so much fun, and asked if I had a book for him.”

Parts of the course are applicable in different learning situations at home (think of homework, exam preparation and so on):
Bas is given history and geography summaries to take home. We also use extensive summaries and practice tests via the Internet. We first let him read the questions and then the summary. Then he makes a mind map. Shortly after the training he got a 9 (out of 10) for his geography test. He usually gets a 6, so this was a major success for him. Lately, we have been practicing comprehensive reading on the computer because he had an E-score for his CITO test. He first reads the questions and then the text. He notices that the answers come more easily when he first reads the questions, although it remains difficult for him.
Last week, Bas had to hand in a book review. He used the Chameleon book. He was able to write a good summary, which is something he used to have difficulties with in the past.

The effects we notice to date:

More enthusiasm for reading. We do have to stimulate him constantly otherwise he reverts to reading the Donald Duck.
He seems to have more confidence in reading.

We do have to help him read two books a month using the SmartReading method.
He seems to accept my ‘guidance’ and support. We think this has to do with the fact that we followed the training together.
In the near future, we want to talk to the teacher, partly because Bas scored badly at the CITO test on the ‘speed reading’ and ‘comprehensive reading’. The teacher is very open to the SmartReading principles. From now on, Bas gets to take the geography and history books home to read, so he can create a Mind map before they discuss the chapter in class. The teacher is also looking into whether Bas would be allowed to first read the questions for the ‘comprehensive reading’ part of the CITO test.
Sincerely, Elise

Global Edutainment received this email, from a mother about her dyslectic son who followed the SmartReading training. Global Edutainment has her permission to share this email.

Why does SmartReading have a beneficial effect on dyslexia?2020-03-27T21:11:08+00:00

The combination of SmartReading and Mind Mapping is excellent if you have trouble with spelling or with hearing the words in your head while you read.

SmartReading teaches you how to read visually instead of reading word for word, as if you are reading out loud. This voice in your head will be greatly reduced. The ‘automation’ of reading has a beneficial effect on dyslexia. Thanks to Mind Mapping you’ll process the information in a visual way.

The combination of Smart Reading and Mind Mapping makes you read faster and your spelling improves because the word to be spelt is seen as a whole, visually. After 20 years we can definitely say that SmartReading has a beneficial effect on dyslexia. We also hear this often as feedback, not only from dyslectic children but also from adults, who have followed the training.

Does SmartReading work both in English as in another language?2020-03-27T21:09:53+00:00


SmartReading works in all languages.

I’m studying. Which SmartReading training is best for me?2020-03-27T16:25:57+00:00

The blended training SmartReading is best when you are studying.

The online training will ensure that you are entirely familiar with SmartReading and you will be brave enough to put it into practice. Studies often go into detail, with various connections, and insights.
When someone has taken a shorter version, it turns out that in the end, he or she is not (yet) confident enough. You will experience that you indeed see details, connections and have more insight into the content of the study books.

We are there for you to assist you!

We regularly come across participants who have previously taken a Speed-reading training elsewhere and have fallen back into their old reading habits. I would like to save you from that pitfall.

Will I understand everything I read when I take the SmartReading course?2020-03-27T16:23:16+00:00

Yes, you will read and understand everything.

You are certainly not going to learn to go through the texts diagonally.
Many speed-reading courses teach you to read headlines, skip parts, read diagonally, read faster by talking faster in your mind and so on.
Our patented method will train you to read more visually. You use your conscious short-term memory to understand what you read. Memorizing and reproducing information is carried out by a combination of your short and long-term memory. You will find that you gain more trust in your long-term memory thanks to SmartReading. You can depend on the fact that this combination works. You will find that you are able to remember the information in more detail. Your time management will improve, and that saves costs.

I heard something about a SmartTyping course. What is it?2020-03-27T16:21:43+00:00

Yes, see www.smartreading.com

SmartTyping – The Innovative Way to Learn Touch-Typing!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

  • Can you not find the motivation or discipline to do an online typing course?
  • Do you need to type a lot of letters, documents and such?
  • Do you use a computer a lot at school?
  • Do you want to avoid the unpleasant consequences of RSI?
  • Do you suffer from dyslexia?

SmartTyping Is the Solution for Young People and Adults.
No room for motivational issues thanks to the online training.

Are you demotivated because doing an online typing course is an annoyance rather than a joy? No worries, in 4 hours’ time, you will be able to find all the keys on the keyboard, blindly! After that it will be great fun to find that your speed and accuracy increase steadily. Thanks to the 4-hour brain-friendly training, which taught you to blindly find the keys, online practicing will become enjoyable.

The World Upside Down

SmartTyping is based on the power and efficiency of your brain. First, you learn the characters and their position on the keyboard and anchor them in your brain, then, your brain controls your motor skills. This is contrary to conventional (online) typing training, in which your motor skills are repeated for as long as it takes for your brain to recognize and store it. Learning in this way takes more time and gives little pleasure.

Our experience is that you learn faster when you have fun during the learning process. SmartTyping is definitely fun!
After the 4-hour training, you will have to practice with our online follow-up system for 3 weeks. By practicing 15 to 30 minutes every day your speed and accuracy is built up in a pleasant way. After 6 weeks, compared to your starting speed, you will, on average, have made a 20% increase.
After the training you will be granted an official SmartTyping certificate.

Are You Dyslectic?

People suffering from dyslexia find that they learn easier and quicker thanks to the brain-friendly SmartTyping method. Speech and language therapists, as well as remedial teachers, know from experience that people suffering from dyslexia benefit greatly from typing courses.
A SmartTypist does not have to keep looking at the keyboard to find the right key. The ‘automation’ you will acquire will seem like you are ‘reading with your fingers’. Almost like you are typing entire words instead of typing separate letters.

Prevent RSI

Do you type using two fingers? Then you are probably looking at the keyboard constantly. The switch of looking from the screen to the keyboard and back continuously, damages the muscles in your neck. The slow typing pace makes you stay on your computer longer and you do not take breaks because your work needs to be finished. Have you ever had cold hands when working on the computer? This happens because the circulation in your body slows down, which means the discharge of waste materials is slower. This creates an increased risk of RSI. SmartTyping will teach you to touch-type using 10 fingers without having to look at your keyboard. You will finish quicker and be able to rest more. In turn, the risk of RSI decreases significantly.

Also for the Young People

When your child is able to touch-type using all ten fingers, he or she will definitely get better results at school. Why? Because he or she can focus entirely on the assignment instead of having to focus on the keyboard, which is a significant advantage. Writing papers and book reviews will become fun. You will be amazed by your child’s performance while your child will have more time to do fun stuff because the paper will be finished in no time.
Are you a mum or dad? Do you want to learn how to touch-type ultrafast? As a parent you can join your child in the SmartTyping training.

Subscribe today and in six weeks’ time you will type faster than ever before!

Is Mind Mapping part of the SmartMethod?2020-03-27T16:18:46+00:00


Mind Mapping is part of the SmartMethod. Mind Mapping in combination with the SmartMethod will give you ultimate proof.

I do not only want to go through the text diagonally. Will I really understand everything after taking the SmartReading course?2020-03-27T16:16:49+00:00

SmartReading lets you read everything down to the smallest detail.

Your conscious short-term memory is used for the comprehension of the information. SmartReading helps you become familiar with the part of your brain that recognizes and remembers. This is your long-term memory, which operates very reliably. When you decide to do the training, the difference between the two will become clear in several exercises.

SmartReading is unique and is not just a speed-reading training.

Do you also provide In-company Training Courses?2020-03-27T16:15:09+00:00

For In-Company training we provide smartReading online for teams.

It often happens that someone takes the online smartReading course individually through open enrolment and then we are asked to provide the training for teams in the company.

The participants will ad on their information to each other. This is great for problem solving and being more creative to implement the solutions.

I have the feeling that I read very slowly. Will that be measured during the training?2020-03-27T16:09:18+00:00

Yes, we measure that during the training.

At the start of the training course we carry out a baseline measurement reading test. This determines your speed and comprehension. The speed is measured in words per minute and the comprehension in percentages.

Is it possible to apply SmartReading to learn a new language?2020-03-27T16:07:52+00:00

SmartReading works in all languages.

One condition however, is that you already have an acceptable range of vocabulary of the language you are reading. You should have some knowledge of the language including basic grammar. If basic vocabulary is lacking, SmartReading does not work. If however, a basis is there, the learning of the new language is even faster, thanks to SmartReading.

Do you have to be relaxed? That seems impossible to me looking at the stress atmosphere in the office.2020-03-27T16:06:26+00:00

Most definitely.

The stress factor is a key element in the training. We have several techniques that will teach you to cope with stress factors at work. These techniques have an effect on various areas. Reduced neck strains, reduced stomach complaints and less overall stress.

How come you can understand more while reading faster?2020-03-27T16:05:24+00:00

SmartReading proves that the faster you read, the more you understand!

For most people this goes against their beliefs. The faster we read visually the more enjoyable it is for our brain. When we read slowly, our mind (slightly bored) will look for other things to do. We are no longer focussing on the curricula, our mind sort of falls asleep or wanders off and we start daydreaming. During the training you will notice this and you will find that you start reading with more concentration and comprehension.

The piles of work on my desk give me a lot of stress. Will we learn how to deal with this?2020-03-27T16:04:17+00:00

Escapism originates from our ‘oldest brain’, the Reptilian Brain.

This behaviour is associated with stress. When you see a lot of work in front of you, your brain reacts with an escape reflex that makes the two brain hemispheres work at half speed, which, as you can imagine, is very slow. During the training you will learn techniques to eliminate this escapist behaviour, which will make it a lot easier for you to do your work. Through SmartReading you will know how to react in certain situations and how to deal with escapist behaviour.

My concentration is very bad, is this training course suitable for me anyway?2020-03-27T16:02:59+00:00


During the training you will be taught various special concentration techniques. Besides learning how to read fast, you will increase your concentration abilities.

I have read about SmartReading and about Mind Mapping, do I have to make a choice between the two?2020-03-27T16:02:02+00:00


Mind Mapping is part of the SmartMethod. During the smartReading training course you will be taught how to make Mind Maps. You do not have to make a choice because you will learn both.

How much can I read for the SmartReading to stay effective?2020-03-27T16:00:25+00:00

This depends on your personal concentration span.

We know people who, in addition to their business information, read two or more books each week. You can still use a bookmark if you like because you do not have to finish your book in one go.

Will it work for me when I am dyslectic?2020-03-27T15:59:15+00:00

Yes, it will also work for you.

When you accurately follow the steps of the techniques, it will work for anyone, including dyslectic people.

See our specific information about the smart method and dyslexia.

When, where and how often will the training take place?2020-03-27T15:55:47+00:00

There are several options to register.

you can register for yourself at any time.

When you do the online training with a group, it is wise to subscribe to the smartReading online network training.

If you want to register as a team from the same company, register for the smartreading online teams training.

Do you promise it is worth the investment?2020-03-27T15:46:43+00:00

Yes, we guarantee that SmartReading is worth your investment.

There are cheaper training courses in which you learn to read diagonally and how to read faster by talking faster in your mind.

SmartReading moreover, will teach you to read a book at top speed on a detailed level and to save all the information in your long-term memory.

In addition, we are the only institution that offers a ‘Not Satisfied? Money back’ guarantee. (See our Terms and Conditions).

It’s a high-quality training based on the latest knowledge.

Is it possible to learn the whole method in one day?2020-03-27T15:42:19+00:00

No, it is not possible to learn SmartReading in one day.

A one-day training Course, will teach you maybe to read 2 times faster, which still is very slow. After the one-day course you will not have gained the experience of reproducing an entire book on a detailed level.

You will, however, be able to do this after the online training we offer.

What is the difference between ‘normal’ reading and SmartReading?2020-03-27T15:35:54+00:00

The differences between how you currently read and SmartReading:

Reading: You “say / think” the words in your mind (like pronouncing the words in your mind).
SmartReading: You will read more and more visually. No more saying/thinking the words in your head.

Reading: You do not read faster than you speak.
SmartReading: You read from multiple lines up to whole paragraphs at a time.

Reading: Your reading average is now between 250 and 300 words per minute.
SmartReading: You read as least 1,500 words per minute.

Reading: Your mind wanders off and you think about other things, which makes you jump back and forth in the text wondering what you have read”.
SmartReading: Your mind has no time or need to wander off. You stay focused throughout the reading process.

Reading: Whilst reading, you make associations with the knowledge you already have. Whilst doing that, you do not know what you have read and you have to keep checking back.
SmartReading: Your brain automatically captures the content of the text, which enhances your text comprehension.

Reading: You are constantly checking whether you understand the text.
SmartReading: You largely understand what you have read using the SmartMethod.

Reading: You want to remember every detail you read, but you notice this is not possible.
SmartReading: The details are clear and you connect everything by Mind Mapping.

Reading: You notice that when you dig deeper into the document, it gets more difficult to understand.
SmartReading: You find your comprehension of the text increasing.

Reading: You notice difficulties in remembering what you have read.
SmartReading: You become more confident in how your brain functions and you will remember more and more.

Reading: You notice your short-term memory gets ‘full’ rather quickly while you read.
SmartReading: You read with full brain potential, which increases your capacity to absorb.

Reading: Your comprehension is 50% on average (this percentage has been the same for many years).
SmartReading: Your understanding increases to an average of 75%.

Reading: When reading, your concentration is moderate.
SmartReading: When reading your concentration is high.

Does SmartReading also work for my child?2020-03-27T15:26:42+00:00

SmartReading works well for children.

We regularly provide SmartReading Training Courses for children aged 11 and older. The parents sometimes come along.

SmartReading versus Speed-reading2020-03-27T15:24:25+00:00

SmartReading is the only method in which you will activate your “Reading-Centre”.

By activating your Reading-Centre you will be able to read visually, your concentration will increase, you will read faster and you will remember more. It is not a trick but a skill to be able to read visually and super-fast. It is only possible to learn visual speed-reading through the SmartReading Training Course. Thanks to many years of experience, SmartReading has evolved into a unique study and fast reading method.
Come and discern for yourself.

We are often asked why SmartReading distinguishes itself from other speed-reading methods. The answer is crucial.

Lazy Brain

Speed-reading teaches you to read linearly in the same old-fashioned way, this actually means “you talk faster in your mind in order to read faster.”
This is not brain-friendly’.

Smart Brain

SmartReading on the other hand, teaches you how to activate your “Reading-Centre”. This eliminates your ‘reading blockages’ so you can read a book at top speed on a detailed level and store all the information in your long-term memory.
Very ‘brain-friendly’.

You also learn to increase the use of your memory. Smart Reading is unique because of its effect on the level of detail.

When you have mastered SmartReading, reading will be like watching a movie.


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