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Marloes Groenen at Business School Netherlands.
An investment of three days and a tool for lifetime. The training was a great gift, you learn ‘smart-Readen’, from and with each other with an enthusiastic and experienced trainer. I am very glad I followed this training!!

Dion van der Sterren at Business School Netherlands.
Inspiring and engaging training. My reading speed and comprehension increased amazingly. I never thought I could do this. The skills I have learned can be applied in other areas as well. The training gave me so much pleasure in reading books and I devour books like never before!

Carl Verheijen at GZC De Nije Veste
Dear Paul, thank you for sharing the knowhow of gathering information more effectively. Previously, I ‘never had time’ to study, but now I do! I understand what I would have missed if I had not taken this training. I will definitely recommend your training and I will certainly come back with my kids when they are old enough to Smart read! Thank you.

Jan van Klaveren at Rabo Bank.
Paul, thank you for this revelation. The previous one-day session didn’t work for me, but this course definitely did! It has lifted my spirits and has given me more energy. I really learned a lot of new methods and I got to know myself better. I will definitely recommend this training to colleagues and friends, in fact I already have! Thanks for your inspiring lessons, which are all FFI. (Fascinating, Fun and Interesting).

Daniel Schotborg, General practitioner
The SmartReading course has been above my expectation. It was not only the SmartReading part that I have learned but also insight in my own thinking and functioning. The confrontation with your own barriers and to be able to let go I experienced that as a paradigm change. I’m sure I will read smart and it will definitely contribute to my productivity.


I highly recommend you do the SmartReading Course because it gave me a brand-new view on reading.

I advise you to use ‘SmartReading because, in quite a simple way, it helps you to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself whilst reading a book. My concentration has increased and key words come to me easily.

A whole world (of information) opened up for me! I’m sure it’s going to bring me a lot. At the beginning of the training I was sceptical and it all sounded too good to be true. At the end of the first day however, I already noticed a difference.

After reading three books using the SmartMethod, you notice that it really works! You remember more than you expect yourself to do, even small details. It’s a real must.

Children in elementary school should have this training.

The SmartReading Course was a unique experience. It certainly was not an ordinary training. Get rid of everything you know about reading and surrender. It is so convenient, that I am surprised not everybody has done this training already. Everybody needs to ‘SmartRead’ I reckon! It’s amazing!

I advise you to do SmartReading in order to save time and read a book in no time. Make an overview and understand everything. Normally it takes me 3 times as long.

Dear neighbour,
I recommend the “SmartReading” Course from Global Edutainment because it really works. I read at least 4 times faster than before.
Your neighbour.

The training was very clear; I thought it went at a very pleasant pace. Do the course!