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Paul has dived in several types of education. It began with High School. During high school, I developed an interest in the mind and human behavior. I studied Science of Mind and Granted in San Diego, California. I am an internationally certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified in Belgium and New York. Furthermore, I did Psychology, Rational emotive therapy, Transactional Analysis, and various higher education courses and workshops like Foundation and Calc Action Learning, dynamic judgment in a business environment, and various other programs. For several years Paul has held managerial positions, and in 1992 he started his own company Global Edutainment. I am the founder en developer of the unique study and speedread method SmartReading. Two main leading publishers, in Belgium and the Netherlands, asked me to write a book about the unique system: “Read a book in just one hour.” We translated the book into English. I wrote various publications in newspapers and magazines and also did multiple appearances as a guest speaker in Dutch television programs. The methods in SmartReading derives from various disciplines within psychology, NLP, and identifying beliefs. The technique transforms inner strategies in creating awareness and recognizing one’s potential. Nationality: Dutch Date of birth: 28 December 1959

How much do students learn when they double the speed of their class videos?


How much do students learn when they double the speed of their class videos? More than you might think, new psychology study finds. Date: January 11, 2022 Source: University of California - Los Angeles Summary: Recorded lectures have become a routine part of course instruction during COVID-19. A new study shows that students retain information quite well when watching lectures at up to twice their actual speed. With 85% of college students surveyed as part of the study reporting they "speed-watched" lecture videos, the researchers engaged students in experiments to test how faster speeds affected learning. Great that you can [...]

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Happiness What will make you happy in life? That is a question everybody asked themselves at least ones in life. Many people’s answer is money, being healthy and have a career. So if you’d have a career now, would you be happy? I don’t think so. It’s funny how society made this image in your head that money and a career will make you happy. Find your passion, start your own company and you will be happy. Your passion, what is your passion? I don’t really have a passion... I like to make music, I like science, but [...]



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