SmartReading is the only method in which you will activate your “Reading-Centre”.

By activating your Reading-Centre you will be able to read visually, your concentration will increase, you will read faster and you will remember more. It is not a trick but a skill to be able to read visually and super-fast. It is only possible to learn visual speed-reading through the SmartReading Training Course. Thanks to many years of experience, SmartReading has evolved into a unique study and fast reading method.
Come and discern for yourself.

We are often asked why SmartReading distinguishes itself from other speed-reading methods. The answer is crucial.

Lazy Brain

Speed-reading teaches you to read linearly in the same old-fashioned way, this actually means “you talk faster in your mind in order to read faster.”
This is not brain-friendly’.

Smart Brain

SmartReading on the other hand, teaches you how to activate your “Reading-Centre”. This eliminates your ‘reading blockages’ so you can read a book at top speed on a detailed level and store all the information in your long-term memory.
Very ‘brain-friendly’.

You also learn to increase the use of your memory. Smart Reading is unique because of its effect on the level of detail.

When you have mastered SmartReading, reading will be like watching a movie.